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Search Engine Marketing Services

SEM Overview

Search Engine Marketing was called keyword marketing before it became known as Search Engine Marketing. To a large degree the use of keywords in finding qualified audiences is what differentiates SEM from other categories of Internet marketing. Keyword marketing is proving to be for "direct response" advertising what the printing press was for publishers. The ability to measure the effectiveness in real time with more accuracy has resulted in the industry, to some degree, faring better then traditional media in bad economic times. IWB has broken search engine marketing down into "sales channels". These channels all use keywords/search to some degree but are either an advanced advertising platform (PPC), provide an additional service (coupons) or niche product search (price comparison search).

Pay Per Click (PPC)

IWB has managed small to $1M Pay Per Click campaigns. We have developed numerous strategies for Pay Per Click PPC advertising is the purest form of keyword marketing with essentially the keyword phrases targeting an audience and ads further qualifying the audience. These characteristics make it useful in discovering audiences, testing CTAs (Calls To Action) for all or most of  your online marketing. Full control over the query terms and  message enable the marketer to identify new audiences and keyword terms (misspellings and input errors) with more precision and understanding.
Learn more about IWB's PPC methodology or see our Payday Loan AdWords Case Study.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

IWB has developed an SEO service based on client trust and input. Trust is built through total transparency of the billing, documentation of tasks and belief that all data collected belongs to the client. IWB doesn't need guarantees because we provide documented results that are measurable and quantifiable in real dollar terms!
Learn more about IWB's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services.

Coupon Marketing

International Website Builders has been researching and developing a comprehensive strategy for Coupon Marketing for about a year. We have been doing our homework testing and reviewing sites. We also have begun to develop a feed product that will be an industry leader for managing, optimizing and uploading product feeds. Coupon marketing is a great way to increase visibility for you brand across a variety of sites that are attracting an audience of users who are looking for discounted products on the internet. This provides a large number of qualified users in buyers mode. These users are very similar to PPC in that they are motivated buyers who know what they want, the difference being they are just as motivated by a price discount. You do not have to have large discounts but it helps!

Product Feeds

Google Base or Froogle is likely the best known but some others that are moving up are Shopzilla, PriceGrabber and Nextag to name just a few. IWB is researching and developing a feed product that will be an industry leader for managing, optimizing and uploading product feeds. In the last year or so the number of ecommerce platforms that are using product feeds and affiliate programs to monetize a site is exploding! Rather than opening and sourcing their own brands these stores sign up as your affiliate and add your feed to their site. IWB always responds with services when we find these kinds of sales channels.

Local Search & Maps

IWB has always believed that most businesses are more reliant on local search than they realize. That was before there even was local search. The reason is we have always seen internet marketing as local. Why? Two reasons! It makes sense to target the low hanging fruit at the beginning of the campaign to establish momentum. In the early days the local phrases were not targeted by professionals. Add a city to a title and you were pretty much good to go. Secondly, most purchases are researched online but bought locally offline.

IWB has had incredible success promoting local businesses because our design and development policy of including full addresses and phone numbers on every page of a website means every page is naturally optimized for local search. We have always believed that contact information should be visible on every page. These development "best practices" build trust in the user and local search engine crawlers. This is augmented with business listing on all the major engines which provides all your business info and inclusion in the map results for the search engine. IWB is very familiar with local and national online phone directories.

Image Search

Image search has been around forever, but was mostly looked upon as a bonus if you got found in it. That changed when Flickr exploded on to the scene and Google added Image Search to its Universal Search algorithm. IWB now optimize the filenames and path to images but beyond that feel it is a channel that provides terrible ROI unless you are selling images. That monetizes the activity.


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