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Payday Loan News and Social Media Portal Launch Strategy

International Website Builders launched this portal in February of 2008. IWB has been working in the payday niche for over 4 years primarily maintaining a PPC presence for an online payday lender. Our preference is to develop portals where we have extremely good knowledge of the potential for growth and developing new marketing techniques. Presently we have a blog and what likely the most comprehensive news clipping and press release archive on regulation of the payday industry. Presently that is the single most interesting part of this industry. The archive has articles dating back to 2005 so a definite trend can be seen by simply reading the headlines.

Portal Background

IWB launched this Payday loan portal to maintain a presence in this niche financial sector. One of the advantages to this sector is it is controversial so generating interesting content is much easier than most. You can simply take the opposite view which also supports IWB's potential customers view. We have extensive knowledge of buying advertising in this sector so taking this site beyond using just an AdSense monetization strategy should be a fairly easy proposition. First we want to generate the numbers and traffic knowing once you are generating good traffic and clicks on AdSense the vendors will gladly sponsor the site for a chance to be a "featured" vendor.

Marketing Overview

International Website Builder's knowledge of this industry was garnered while managing a $1M ad campaign for an online payday loan vendor. It was a natural for us to build a portal. We have a built in client base for leads when we want to start to manage the sales ourselves. We will be able to also market other SEO and PPC services while making our sales pitches for advertising on the site.

Other Successful Launch Strategies IWB has Used In the Past

International Website Builders has developed many indexing launch strategies for portals. One technique is to build credible link references using authority sites, news releases and article syndication. In this case we would start the portal with a blog that would be used to announce the releases and articles and demonstrate an expertise in the field. This naturally results in more links to the deeper pages they reference since the home page seems a poor choice because the only real content is that which is referenced.

Blogs also ping the blog portals which Google indexes often. Therefore this results in fairly quick initial indexing usually with in a few days. We've found for the most part this results in the whole site being indexed in a month or so. When you have the Portal built you post the home page and you have a quick down and dirty full indexing in no time.

The AdSense Launch Strategy

For this Portal IWB tried a new technique. In the past the Google AdWords crawler (dubbed media crawler) did not index content other than pages that were in the Content Network or a landing page. A while back Google announced the media crawler would now be doing double duty. This made sense for everyone because it removed duplicate indexing. Googlebot often re-indexed the same pages media crawler did. This was an expensive duplication of services and resources.

Naturally this means when the Media crawler indexes the site to display AdSense ads the crawl data is now also added to the Google main search index. Usually that was achieved by garnering links from directories and other authority sites. We decided to try getting an initial indexing by using AdSense to monetize the site. The result was the best initial indexing launch strategy we've ever seen in our 15 years of launching sites.

The next morning (less than 24 hrs.) there were already pages in the Google search index. Within 48 hrs. all 60 or so pages were indexed! The first step to portal profitability was in place. This was an experiment and the site wasn't quite complete we are launching the blog and Social Web features of the site in the next week. To date although indexed it is not placing very well because of a lack of inbound links.

Directory, press releases and article syndication is anticipated this week at which time we will release more information on which of these methods were the most successful in a Google environment that seems to be dampening reciprocal links, directory and article syndication. This will be a little harder to access since there will be simultaneous blog posts combined with the other content and syndication activities.

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