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PPC Methodology & Portfolio Style of Campaign Management

Step 1 Evaluate

Our paid search management philosophy is simple, "Evaluate the market, set defined and quantifiable goals implemented with a plan to meet the goals.". Setup fees cover our time doing keyword research, landing page development and order fulfillment evaluations. We do not make campaign management fees unless campaigns have a positive return. Bottom line is IWBs' belief is we should get paid for performance, no performance, no pay!

We do not charge current or past clients for product and/or campaign evaluation. Too many marketing firms just take money and do what they can with what you give them to work with. We're different, we view our clients as partners not revenue streams. We'll make PPC work for you or we'll tell you to exit the strategy. No muss, no fuss, just results!

Product Evaluation

Unfortunately, the web is very price sensitive and sometimes product margins are tight. The bottom line is that not all products are PPC worthy and that's where our product evaluation will steer your limited resources toward the winners not the guaranteed losers. That is just the tip of our "risk management" procedures and why we are confident in our ability to run a money maker, not, a money hole!

Campaign Evaluation

We have many years of experience evaluating marketing campaigns in many media including direct response/catalog, network marketing and every type of known web marketing. Our Search Strategy Officer oversees a staff of Campaign managers and risk monitors using the human touch to maximize profit and campaign status reporting.

Campaign Set Up and Launch

International Website Builders PPC analysts pride themselves on managing their clients money as if it were their own. We do not use automated campaign bid monitoring or management tools preferring daily, real time monitoring and adjustments over using automated campaign and bid management tools.

Our PPC analysts give campaign management a human touch using "Rules Based" bid management techniques developed by IWB's Search Strategy Officer Terry Van Horne with assistance from some of the best minds in the Search Engine Marketing world. Terry's techniques are innovative and easy to understand as he oversees implementation and determination of the rule "triggers" for keywords and campaigns.

Keywords are managed like the stocks in a stock portfolio where bids and the resulting exposure to risk are adjusted to maximize ROI. Risk assessments are done daily or hourly for very volatile periods and/or campaigns. Our analysts also implement techniques we call "momentum budgeting" which is a unique technique Terry developed while managing a large budget in a competitive environment. This technique can only be implemented by campaigns that are human monitored with real time stats.

Mid Term Results & Adjustments

In the second stage of implementation we begin to default bids in order to determine the range for highest conversion, ROI and visibility. Your analyst also will begin to implement contextual advertising (Content Network) and keyword list expansion based on the data collected in earlier stages of the campaign.

Mid Term results provide your analyst with data that enables them to determine the degree of expansion beyond Google. In our experience Google has the lowest amount of invalid clicks. Overture, Shopping/Price Comparison engines and Social Networking sites provide still more brand visibility and sales.

Ongoing Adjustments

IWB analysts are creative in monitoring the hourly, daily, seasonal and economic influences that change the marketplace. They'll make ad copy, landing page, bid and keyword adjustments as markets, product promotions and seasons change knowing the spring is hot for some products and some are going to get the most sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our analysts and monthly campaign performance reviews mean we are constantly working on your behalf to maximize sales and ROI.

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