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International Website Builders Releases Case Study on Search Engine Indexing


Terry Van Horne, CEO
International Website Builders
3608 Dufferin Street, Suite #1
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada, M3k 1N7
Phone: (416) 638-4148

Toronto, Ontario April 16, 2009

Today International Website Builders CEO Terry Van Horne announced in a press release that the case study discussing the initial indexing of  payday loan portal has been released. This case study also discusses past strategies used by IWB and why the use of AdSense for monetization of a website is an excellent initial indexing strategy. Pressed for details CEO Terry Van Horne responded, "This strategy works because the Google Media crawler is seeing double duty so indexing for AdSense participation results in the site also being included in the main search index as well".

The monetization of an unknown site with little traffic is a big job. Asked why AdSense for monetization of a lucrative niche Mr. Van Horne responded "You either work the phones contacting business owners and informing them about the unique features of your site or you send email that gets you branded a spammer or it goes unread. We chose AdSense because we know that one of the ways we find places to advertise is the sites we see generating impressions and clicks on Google's content network. It was obvious to us that for this site AdSense would get us exposure quicker then we could get almost any other way.

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International Website Builders is a Toronto Canada based company providing ecommerce website development and marketing services for over 15 years. CEO Terry Van Horne is recognized as a Canadian leader in local and international Search Engine Optimization, web development and internet marketing services.

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