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International Website Builders Announces
Launch of Corporate Website


Terry Van Horne, CEO
International Website Builders
3608 Dufferin Street, Suite #1
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada, M3k 1N7
Phone: (416) 638-4148

Toronto, Ontario April 12, 2009

Today International Website Builders CEO Terry Van Horne announced in a press release that after 6 years in semi-retirement he was launching a new website to market his and desme Inc's services in Canada. When asked why after so many yrs. he was re-launching a website IWB's CEO remarked "For the 4 years before I began working with Enam at desme Inc I had not been taking on new clients or projects because the work was either .NET or SEO which I either was disinterested in or had become uninspired by. I was more interested in the challenge of day trading and working on the big budget PPC campaign mentioned on the new site".

Mr. Van Horne went on to add the following statement about his disinterest in some projects and why SEO no longer inspired him. "Being 54 I was disinterested in learning a new programming language (.NET) and web design was getting stale. SEO has not changed much in the 13 years I've been doing it. I look for challenges and they just weren't there in the SEO field". When pressed about SEO not changing IWB's CEO replied, "We were never a company who believed developing links is search engine optimization and basically in the last 7-8 yrs. the algos have only changed to nullify unwanted link manipulation. The onpage optimization and our techniques for developing links through strong content development focusing on what is needed in the niche meant we never had the problems many companies who chase links encounter when algos change."

When Terry was pressed for the reasons he returned and built a website he responded "The stock market tanked and took a lot of my retirement fund. Secondly, SEO has changed substantially with Google introducing Universal Search and Personal Search algos which means SEO is now a new game! SEO for Google is now more about 'Digital Asset Management' or DAM for short. I am especially intrigued by the growth of videos and YouTube and the challenge of optimizing and getting video content indexed and found on a search engine."

When asked about why desme as a partner he responded with, "I had worked with desme on a few projects and found the design team to be able to take my vision for the look and feel of a site and provide work of quality that I would be proud to be associated with." He went on to add "Enam is also one of the coolest guys I've meant in the industry! We share a belief that it is all about the site being a marketing tool and that shows in the graphic design and programming they do. Regarding the programmers at desme he responded with "desme programmers are very talented and are the only team that has been able to take my navigation and content techniques and apply them in the same manner as I would. That is important because that is also the basis of my SEO philosophy and methodology."

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About International Website Builders

International Website Builders is a Toronto Canada based company providing ecommerce website development and marketing services for over 15 years. CEO Terry Van Horne is recognized as a Canadian leader in local and international Search Engine Optimization, web development and internet marketing services.

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